The Cruelest Dream

I found some captured photos in his treasure box

I was looking for a while but I didn’t realize, a thing that maybe can answer all of my queries

It’s burdening when I thought that there was no me all this time

And suddenly I come to a party with some of my friends

Told them all of his treasures

And realized there’s something in the treasure that might be a little happiness for me

I cried, couldn’t control my tears

I never hoped for him to come

I never hoped for him to sit beside me

But then he did

He did saw me cried

But there was only silence of him and tears of me

This mouth couldn’t ask him for what has been found

Seemed like we have our own world and own language to understand each other

Deep into his eyes there were so many riddles

Maybe I understand, maybe I didn’t understand at all

But his gaze gave me something that made me stop wondering

Made me back to an agony

Then the tears stop falling

And what I wanna say all this time is “Thank you for everything”


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