The Weakness I don’t Want to Throw Away

For those of you who have known me for long enough, maybe you’ll know my flaws well. You know exactly that I can’t hide my emotion and what I feel. I would love to say everything on my mind bluntly no matter you’ll hurt or not. I hope you can appreciate someone’s honesty. The only limit for which I have is my interlocutor’s gender, I will be tender on women and a little bit tough on men because I believe that all men should be stronger than me. Moreover, I always firmly dealing with a case, in other words, I fully hate people who slow to address a problem.

This is not the first time I meet with a soft-hearted men. I’ve ever been having a close friend who was very emotional like a girl. I hate it sometimes but besides that, he had a very kind heart. And now, I have another one just like him. Do you know what’s the most hated part of it? When you argue something with him. Something simple and actually this is about each perspectives we have. But your foe has something unique inside him even a normal girl won’t have. Every problem between you will emerge and you won’t give in just because he’s a man and you’re a girl. Sometimes I feel stupid because I know very well about what’s really happen but my ego makes me continue this fool.

Hey dude, if you say that I’ve never been in a rough position and always get what I want, you’re wrong. You never know what has really happened to me in past. A memory that I will always remember to be this kind of person you see, the worst people you know maybe.

I never regret what I’ve done. I don’t care whether you’re mad at me because of this stupid thing or not. I will always hold on my thought and what I think needs to be told.


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