Does it come back again?

I have ever told you a story of my weird dream (I don’t know whether it’s still a lucid dream or it has turned out into an astral). The last time I got that phenomenon was on 2015. My life has been comfortable since I don’t have to put more extras during sleeping. But in this September 2017 I had these two weird dream.

Three weeks ago I was sleeping in location (FYI, I work on oilfield industry and my daily job is working on field location, next I will call it as location). During my nap, I woke up from my body and saw my other crews. I was doing nothing, only sat down and stayed near my real body. Luckily I did not saw bad or weird creatures there. I did not panic as my previous phenomenon, and I did not know why.

Two weeks ago, I was sleeping again in location but it’s already night. During my sleep, again, I woke up from my real body and I clearly saw my crew who sat next to me was monitoring rig activity. There I saw a giant lizards was walking +/-100 m from us. I shouted at my crew whether he saw it or not but he did not respond like we are in different world. Then “a figure of something” walked me around. I walked around in the same location and I saw some weird creatures, luckily not a scary one. I was afraid to walk too far hence I came back to my body and have a real wake up.

I can’t control what happen to me and I think I am not ready to have more journey. It’s not fun at all and I’m just sick of it. It’s seems like more to be a scary thing for me (luckily on the last 2 phenomenons I did not see scary creatures).


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